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This is the first issue of Ulfire Tablets, a zine dedicated to roleplaying in science fantasy / planetary romance settings! Try the vile Carcosan Chess, ride dinosaurs, play as (or consume) sentient fungi, read the mind of an ancient sorcerer, create objects of arcane technology indistinguishable from magic, and fight as a post-apocalyptic barbarian! 32 pages of content, mostly with OSR games in mind.

This volume turned out to be a Carcosa special, but in the bleak future we plan to colonize other planets as well – Barsoom, Tékumel, Athas, Gamma Terra, or anything else along these lines. Get in touch if you wish to contribute gaming materials or art!


Ulfire Tablets #1 zine.pdf 932 kB
Ulfire Tablets #1 cover.pdf 153 kB

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Read the PDF on your screen or print it as a 32-page booklet, with a separate cover art.

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